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In order to insure that our pricing is always competetive, we have devised a pricing structure which operates on a scale facilitated by determinant factors such as demand, and costs of operation. This way, as these factors dictate our expenses, when they are lower, you get the lowest price we can possibly give. We're confident that you'll be pleased with the way that we have set our rates! Our service area is rather large, including the areas surrounding the greater Wichita region. We also have an extended range which would exceed our nominal operating area. We can service some of these outlying areas, but there will be a fuel surcharge to account for the added distance and inherent cost incurred by us. If you have any more questions about the pricing process or where you stand when it comes to specific rates, we always have friendly and informative representatives on the phone to speak with you.

Remember, if you're looking to maximize your value, wherever possible, you will want to avoid peak days and certain busy holidays which drive up cost due to demand. This means Fridays and Saturdays, as well as any special local events that might be happening such as parades, sporting events, or concerts. It's always a great idea to rent a party bus on an off day, because you'll enjoy the same great service with less traffic, and a lower rate! However, with our fair pricing across the board, any day is a great day to rent a party bus with Wichita Party Buses.

If you have specific dates and times in mind, give us a call at any time to receive a detailed and accurate price quote. To be more specific, it will be much easier to give you an accurate quote in a matter of seconds if you have these four pieces of information below ready to go when you call. We are always happy to be of service!

  • Where are you going?

    This helps us determine if you're local or not.

  • When do you need service?

    Certain calendar days will be cheaper than others.

  • How many passengers will you have?

    We'll help you determine what size bus you'll need!

  • Is this a special event?

    We may have a package, or a discount!

  • What time is your event?

    We'll find what vehicles are available when you need service!

  • Where can I find service in Flordia?

    You can find affordable service with Jacksonville Party Bus Pricing.