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For the best time of the year, we have ready our vehicles to provide the best Christmas light tours in Wichita. We know you love Christmas, and we do it too, so this time, you can enjoy the most dazzling decorations in your city with a unique transportation service. As specialists in unique events, our Wichita Christmas Light Tours are full of fun customers traveling on party buses and limousines like there was no tomorrow. Come on, who of all transportation services would know more than us about dancing lights and energetic atmospheres? The Holiday season has started, and it's about time you get your own car service for a memorable ride in Wichita, KS!

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Wichita, KS Christmas Light Tours

It is easy to get in a good mood traveling in a unique party bus with the spectacular amenities inside. Just imagine taking your Christmas light tours while you are having a blast inside your rental. As how the computerized light display synchronized with the outdoor decorations, our party buses show a play of colors with the neon lights installed in each vehicle. Inspire everyone around with the best fantasies that our party buses bring on board for your Christmas light tours. Even if you need to liven up the occasion, our sound systems are perfect to put your Christmas music out loud! Transform this occasion into your next favorite holiday tradition; we will be ready to give you the rides you want with all your loved ones.

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Party Bus business: professional and fun!

While you are visiting the Wichita neighborhoods adorned with beautiful Christmas lights, you can check out more plans to enjoy the evening. Stop waiting until some friend tells you to have hired a stunning party bus for a family trip. Take a relaxing winter trip inside one of our vehicles while looking at the creative, lighted trees all around the place. If the day gets so cold at the Butterfly House in Botanica, you better ask your professional driver to take you to your preferred restaurant and enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa! Apart from the plan of the hot chocolate mug, you can take advantage of our non-limit-stops service to visit many other places in the city, such as bistros, parks, and bars.

Chistmas Light tours anytime

In December, Wichita gets full of Christmas lights everywhere. Every single corner of the city is decked out with multicolored Christmas lights and musical light display shows in every park. Wichita is our favorite place worldwide because residents go wild decorating their houses and public places, so you can easily find an animated Santa climbing a chimney or crazy light sculptures. One of the recommended places is Botanica, the Wichita Gardens, which yearly offers visitors vibrant Christmas light displays throughout the park. Watch how the Botanica illuminations stimulate your senses with the lit trees, flying Santa figures, animated children's choirs, and lovely neon angels. In fact, Candy Cane Lane is the right attraction to get mesmerized by the imaginative Christmas displays.

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Visit your Southwest Wichita neighborhood

In Wichita, KS you can enjoy an animated light show with animated drumming soldiers and Christmas themed music if you go to the right place. Besides the places mentioned, we always suggest our customers plan with anticipation for other hotspots to visit so the cold won't overwhelm them in case of heavy frosts. An incredible Christmas light tour displays the best Christmas lights with impressive shapes in the city, hands down, boot! For example, the tallest lighted Christmas tree in Wichita reaches 62 feet and glows intensely at the center of Botanica. A real light show in Wichita holds the latest LED technology to guarantee full enjoyment without worries about the show turning off. Start planning from now on how your next special day will look like regardless of whether it is Thanksgiving Day or Christmas Day. Everything must start from the Marshall family Christmas lights in Wichita, nest to the Bickel Family Christmas light display, and passing by any free location available. To help you clear out your list, there are some streets you can include: Gold Street, Firefly St, David St, Stratford Lane, Aksarben Ct, Battin St, Brummett St, and Ventnor Ct. There are definitely some park place attractions in the Kansas International Dragway, Valley Center, Azure Circle, or Garden Plain, so make sure to check them out.